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The Son Of The Madam Of Mustang Ranch

8557cvrCompelling, adventurous and inspirational, The Son of the Madam of Mustang Ranch, is a memoir. Guns, violence and lust; wars between two houses of prostitution, gambling rife and aplenty, and debauchery. It was a crazed and corrupt world, and Joe Leonard was born right into it. Beyond all, this is the story of how Joe gained the courage to leave the dark realm he had inherited behind and return to the natural and untamed world of his youth, in pursuit of his better angels. His journeys carried him to Africa, Costa Rica, the Arctic, and the Indian villages of the Sierra Madre.
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By Joe Leonard
A Spiritual Journey through the Wilderness

This book contains 374 pages and over 700 photos.


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A Book By Joe Leonard of over 70 photos taken over the last 50 years.



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You will find the photos in both of these books at my photo gallery: http://www.leonards.biz
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I Started the first back country skiing guide service in the United States at Robinson Bar Ranch in Idaho in1971, skiing in the White Cloud Mountains.

Articles were written about our guide service in numerous magazines including Time, Town and Country. We guided National Geographic Magazine skiing, climbing, and backpacking.

Idaho: A Climbing Guide published:
First winter ascent in 1971 of Mt Regan in the Sawtooth Mountains.


Sawtooth Interpretive and Historical Association, Inc. (SIHA)
Interviewed by SIHA, 2008; on his time in Stanley as a mountaineer and backcountry guide. There is a CD available on their site you will need to phone or email them on the Oral Histories page.


Designing Idaho

I have also:
Started the first kayaking school and guide service in the United States in 1972 at Robinson Bar Ranch on the Salmon River in Idaho. Created the White Water Rodeo on the Salmon River in 1973.

Started the first hut-to-hut skiing business in the United States in 1975 in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho.

Photographed wild life in Zimbabwe in 1980.

Photographed the National Parks of Costa Rica for the Nature Conservancy International Program in 1982 – 1983.

Photographed the Brooks Range and Noatak River in Arctic in 1985.

straw-bale-house-frame-tucson-smBuilt the first permitted straw bale house in Tucson Arizona in 1993 for the Sahuaro Girl Scout Council.
Built one of the first straw bale earth plastered homes in Idaho in 1999. It is featured on PTV Outdoor Idaho Architecture in Idaho 2004. Still available for purchase from Designing Idaho PTV. Order the DVD

See my straw bale house page I built in New Mexico

I am currently living in a earth, straw bale home that we have almost finished on the Island of Sardinia in Italy. You can see photos of the straw bale house page at my Photo gallery